Domus Mysterium

by Slægt

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    Gatefold jacket with inside-out print.
    Double vinyl, three sided.
    12" sized booklet with lyrics, info and impressions.
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released May 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Slægt Copenhagen, Denmark


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Track Name: I Smell Blood
In wounds of lost children
In ashes of love
Rubedo emanates
In chambers above
A sense of fulfillment
Potent despair
Possessed by dead longing
I will take my share
Unaware of what might be lost
Gazing out of time
Into orbs, sublime

I smell blood
Bleeding endlessly
Cut by cut
I will look into Her eyes
Without fear or any pride
Down I’ll go…

As conquerors wither
As death carries on
A language forgotten
Will rise from beyond
And fluids of iron begin to define
The birth of a wisdom
That carries the sign
Of my crime
And the lies once told
To my infant ear
Yet, I was never there

I smell blood
As I fade away
Cut by cut
I will look into Her eyes
And Her violent heart in the dark
Into night…

In blighted devotion
In burning divides
A hunger of oceans
Will swallow the tides
Inside my veins
Making wings out of chains.
Track Name: Egovore
Oh, to be turned into a canvas
That the Self can paint upon
And to be loved to death by fire
And fevers that strangle the sun
Oh, I have seen my virginal image
In visions imposed through will
And I have bludgeoned that inert baby
And poisoned all that lay still

”I hold the keys to the portals of 10
Where open wounds meet their end
Yet, I am no leader, parent nor friend
Until you become me
I am Egovore”

Oh, to be placed upon an altar
At the fervent core of the soul
And to give in to impulsive desires
And still be in total control
Oh, I will howl with the zest of a bastard
To conceive the rise of my fall
And though my voice will be buried in ruins
Through the ages you’ll hear my call

”I will bring death to the child in your heart
That is my purpose, such is my art
Yes, you will languish and be torn apart
Let go and adore me
I am Egovore”

Drown in scalding soil
Ascend in constant toil
Ride the emptiness
Kings fall at my behest

Savage lovers I behold
Open wide, but still untold
Underneath a hungry glare
Lies a cherub, unaware

And as this petal is plucked
And as the essence is sucked
I’ll wield this unearthed blade.
Track Name: The Eye of the Devil
As I focused all my attention towards my inner darkness, to meet it, get to know it and fall in love with it, a pulsating beacon of cold love and warm hate greeted me with the joy of recognition and seduced me to keep staring into the flame at the center of its body, and once the silence turned to light I found myself eye to eye with the eye of the Devil.
Track Name: The Tower
Further down through the night
On a carriage of phantoms
Beyond the trappings of light
At depths none can fathom
A castle drenched in shadows
Before the lamp of the Eye
Where the grudge in the marrow
Will reach its peak as it dies

Rise up in the Tower
Climb high as they cower
Ascend into glory
With passionate fury

The throes of the spirit
Will carry the strain
From dead womb
To living tomb

Further up through the structure
With a burden of grand fire
Into a selfmade rapture
That none will desire
An act of mad liberation
Inside the lamp of the Eye
That like a pure revelation
Is neither a truth or a lie

Fall down from the Tower
Plunge deep as they cower
And dive into glory
With passionate fury

The crown of the spirit
Is worshipped through pain
From dead womb
To living tomb

I’ll worship the Tower
I’ll maim and devour
The sadness and glory
Of passionate fury.
Track Name: Remember it's a Nightmare
Ye vermin of stars!
Defiling my wars
In ecstasy
I will come for thee
I will desecrate
What is left for me
Ye fathers
Ye sons

Why should you
Sit on my throne?
And reap
What I have sown?

I will haunt your hunt
I will cut you down
You are too gaunt
To wear this crown
That shines in the dark

These slurs!
This wasted time
It all blurs
The gravity of your crime
In reverie
I will murder thee
I will place a veil
Upon your mystery
These myths
These tales

Just another step on my journey
Just another nail in your coffin
I have embellished my tilth
Far away from your filth
I have begun at the end
I have transgressed with intent

I am the mare in the night

The water in your eyes
Will never put out the fire in mine.
Track Name: Domus Mysterium
Thrust into blindness
Cut off from the bleeding light
Deceived by false "darkness"
Into obeying and doing what's "right"
I long for the furnace
The soothing pyre of truth
That drips through the surface
And spits at the "splendour" of youth

Anointed by eleven horns
Invoked by a house
That has no walls

Long did I linger
Inside this sentient jail
But clues were deciphered
Black blood was poured through the veil
Venom now ripens
The fruits of the tree on my grave
And the malignant hallucination
Shall know I'm no longer a slave

Caressed by a morning star
Evoked by the ones
That won't build halls

This timeless bastion
Has called me home
I'll heed their arson
In secrets roam
Across the threshold
Towards the door
I'll raze my blindfold
Become one with the core

Praise the madness
The plundering heart
That sings of ashes
And worlds torn apart

Not many
Are willing
To enter
These chambers
And utter
The answers

Domus Mysterium

Welcome home.