Beautiful and Damned

by Slægt

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Ever restless, Denmark's SLÆGT present an exclusive new 12" mini-album for IRON BONEHEAD, Beautiful and Damned. This MLP is aptly titled: Beautiful and Damned shows SLÆGT shedding its previous skin, from the celebrated Ildsvanger debut earlier this year, into something more kaleidoscopic, multi-hued, and yet equally menacing. Gone is the blown-out black metal grimness of SLÆGT Mk I; here, with the lineup now doubled in size and live rituals more frequent, a sort of blackened epic metal emerges. Songs are no longer minimalist exercises in lurking menace; instead, the full furl of classic heavy metal's narrative powers are played out across the three main epics of Beautiful and Damned, buttressed by an indeed beautiful acoustic instrumental. Comparisons can be drawn to comrades Reverie, who now share members with SLÆGT, but more than mere on-the-surface stylistic similarities, it can be argued that these impossibly energetic youths are drawing from an eternal wellspring of inspiration, and SLÆGT, for their part, are keeping a still-fertile toehold in black metal. Beautiful and Damned closes one chapter, and begins another...


released November 3, 2015

Oskar J. Frederiksen: Lead vocals, rhythm guitar and acoustic guitar.
Anders M. Jørgensen: Lead guitar, xylophone, acoustic guitar and backing vocals.
Olle Bergholz: Bass guitar and backing vocals.
Adam CCsquele Nielsen: Drums and backing vocals.
Lasse Ballade: Recording (except "Church of the Night - recorded by A.P. Vilmann), mix and master.
Coverphoto: Irina Ionesco.



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Slægt Copenhagen, Denmark


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Track Name: Move in Chaos
Dancing twilight
Illuminates the burning path
In this young night
The hammer is full of wrath
Nothingness is nothing now
Fire breathes without air
Blood runs green
The pillars of a chosen mare

So it begins
Time will die
You can't save us
Don't even try!
Emptiness under the moon
Shan't make us swoon

Move in chaos!
Kill the chain!
Tempt all darkness!
Channel Cain!

Come forth!
Usurpers and slaves
Beacons in shadows
Destroyers of graves
Behold the Tower
And the Eye
This is the power
That never will die

So it began
Time did die
You couldn't save us
Though you tried!
Emptiness under the moon
Didn't make us swoon.
Track Name: Alshinecheri
She moves through
The deepest cracks in the night
Where fires are burning
But no thing is alight
In her my dreams
Are forever bent
Her will points
To my descent

Holding a skull of flowers
In days of night
My soul is hers to devour
With loving spite

Wrap me in your crimson mist
Take me away
Shapes cease to exist
All borders decay
My kingdom is yours
To burn and to wreck
So forevermore
I'll call you

Via ancient winds
Comes the voice of the living night
Whispering her name
Black turns white

I carve her name
Into the sky
And open my eyes

I will burn at night
I will feast on blood
I will wash away
In a vehement flood
Like a river of coal
Through a marble landscape
Her voice it beckons
It calls my name.
Track Name: Church of the Night
Step inside...........
Track Name: Beautiful and Damned
When stars emerge
In dying eyes
Moons slowly surge
On feverous skies
Silence will purge
Their heavenly cries

Scars are still burning
New visions arive
The wheel is returning
Onwards is strife
The child must start learning
When kissed by a knife

Beautiful and damned

Trumpets shall sound
Rise from the well
No longer unbound
Chained to the spell
A body is found
Welcome to hell

Forever aligned
Bonded by grief
Depictions assigned
To rape like a thief
When new skin is signed
There'll be no relief

From my rotting body
Weeds shall grow
And I am in them
And that is eternity.